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The Revealing Signals for Fraud Attempts in Forex

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

You been able to achieve success in Forex trading with this new broker, who works as an offshore company for Forex recently, is familiar with.
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The Best Broker in Forex: One for Everyone

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Forex broker’s dishonest and illegal immigrants who are preying on their customers are considered a disgrace to the field of financial intermediation in the field of Forex on the Internet.
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The Relationship between Advisors for Forex and your Forex Broker

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Before we talk about this relationship between them you should know that your Forex Broker has a heavy weight in your decisions and trading through Forex Market and now let’s know and learn something about EA.
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How to Choose an Appropriate Forex Broker for Your Needs?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

If you search for Forex Broker in the Google search engine, you will get more than two million as a result, but the best way to choose a Forex broker appropriate for you is to go to page 35 of the results, close your eyes and put your finger on the screen, and where it indicates your finger, it will become a broker your Forex.
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What is the Process of Re-pricing in Forex broker?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The process of re-pricing in the world of Forex means that the Forex broker you are dealing with cannot or does not want to give you the trading process based on the price at which you have selected.
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How do you Behave Properly in Trading in the Forex Market?

Monday, 17 November 2014

A lot of people Speak about the technique of trading in the currency market, it is easier to deal with graphs for the movement of currency pairs because they are characterized by being always correct, as well as the eyes rolling as is clear, you can see the trend lines;, as well as support and resistance lines.
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When it is the time to Use a Command the Collect of Profits in Forex

Saturday, 1 November 2014

When Forex traders place their trades, the majority of them do not have any idea about the final destination, which they will reach it for the price of one currency pairs. For this reason, there are certain group of cases that determine whether you want to put is the command of collecting the profits when trading in Forex.
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Choosing a Forex Broker ... Important Facts

Tuesday, 28 October 2014
The best advice I can give to you while you are choosing a Forex broker who will work with him is to act like the boss who is to interview prospective employees.
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The advantages of MetaTrader 4

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

All types of orders
It is very important to use multiple commands to develop and implement trading strategies, for example, may you need some time to reverse your deals from buying to selling,
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Practical Gann applications on the Forex Charts

Saturday, 27 September 2014

First: models
According to Gann, models always reflect the study of patterns of price movement , For example the trend is bullish when price penetrates the summits and will be bearish when it broke bottoms , so trader can get this information from the movements of the market and the size of its movements and time of the move, this reflects the price (move, size, time, duration) which are associated with the pattern, in addition to that trader can  draw these patterns
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Advices from William Gann in Forex Trading

Monday, 15 September 2014

Forex trader in any Forex company have to study this trade in general, and to know the principles and the basics of forex trading before he opens a real account with some forex companies. In order to be a successful trader with any Forex company you must have sufficient risk capital, you are able to loss it (or parts thereof) so it will not destroy your moral soul completely.
Luck is the most famous and common myths among beginner through thinking or believing  that the movement in the market is random, and anyone can trade at random, and being patient on his deal to win. People who believe that
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Strategy of Gann angles

Thursday, 21 August 2014

First, before explaining the strategy of Gann angles we should know about maker this strategy Gann , this man is one of the most important traders in the world of the forex market because he made a lot of strategies and these strategies won so much attention and success for most traders who work in the forex market and strategic angles Gann is one of the successful strategies to him , it  provide to you success without any effort, it is simple and can be operated by anyone who is in the field of forex, whether a beginner or a professional or even an expert and everyone knows that Gann used angles in his trading through nine square linked with the process of time, and you may have read a lot about this method and technique, but I have not grasped the link of the time with the process of trading ,in other words, that we set a time which will arrive by the price to the designated point.

How does it work strategy of Gann angles?

And generally the thing that I have concluded  , is to link the price movement with known "Gann" angles and these angles are 45, 12.5 ,63 , 90 , 112 and the basis on which Gann depending upon the movement of the price and linking it  with the angle  45 and also the selection of goals based on the process deviation above and below the angle 45 and we found that the price is based on number of couples and especially couples basic and generally the strange thing too that after consideration of the process of the daily closing of any pair that was less than the closing of the previous day and that the process of reversion will not beyond angle of 45 and also that the process of entry will be of the side  of the angle 12.5 when  deviation  of the pair to the top and if it broke ,the process changed direction to the occurrence of the process of uprising strongly and thus the process of cessation is the value of the angle 45.

An example of a strategic angles Jean:

The pair "euro / dollar" closed in day 15-4-2010 and this closure was at the point of 1.3570 and also the closure process was less points  on 14-10-2010 and here was the value of angle of 45 at the support = 1.3512 and also resistance = at 1.3628 , here the value of the angle of 12.5 resistance = 1.3586 and then the process of entering is sale target 1.3522 and is 20 points above the support angle 45 which value = 1.3512, and the pair here, the process of landing and achieved the goal and traders must that they will try strategy of Gann angles much on the demo account before the experiment on their account even know the real weaknesses and strengths, and their conclusion that such a strategy will give you daily points that not more than one hundred points and not less than 40 points once and for all.

Thus, any strategy needed learning and good training to ascertain working on it to suit the circumstances of your business and your capital and your goals.

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Success stories for Forex traders

Thursday, 21 August 2014

 We will talk in this article about some of the success stories of the traders in the market of currency trading Forex, and some people who will enter in their curricula are considered of the most people-known in the field of currency trading, so as to show the reader some sermons and lessons from these stories, we're going in the stories of some traders.

Gary Bielfeldt

Gary began his investment with a capital of only about $ 1,000 has been able to double his capital, through opportunities and reduce risk, where Gary confirms that novices should not in the market engage high-risk transactions or make use of the large financial leverages. He suggests that novice traders should start their trading with a small and slight capital risk, and the use of reasonable financial leverages, because the small capital does not bear sudden market fluctuations, and thus the likelihood of losing all it is great, especially when using large leverages.

Bill Lipschutz

Bill studied at Cornell University and inherited stocks worth $ 12,000 after the death of his grandmother. He began to invest this money in the financial markets in his spare time. He began searching and reading for long hours in the library to learn about the financial markets, and learn a bit too much. This study has been increased interest in the financial trading markets. During the trading he faced the loss of an estimated $ 250,000, because of the reflection of Granville and that was in 1982, however, it did not last long, and he blew the biggest success in the doubling of his invested capital. He is considered one of the global successful traders.

Bruce Kovner

He is one of the most successful traders in the world, where his profits exceeded 300 million dollars in 1987 alone. Kovner began his business in 1977 in an amount not more than $ 3,000 he had borrowed from credit companies, and has made his money growing largely, reaching $ 40,000, and said that his business was initially stressful nerves and taught him the importance of the use of the tools needed to manage the risks. After the acquisition of many experiences he was able to perform one million first and remained his capital continues to grow until it reached 10 billion dollars in 1983, that this great wealth, especially at that time is of the fabulous in other markets, but the market Forex Trading converts myths to the facts we are witnessing on the ground.
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Practical Gann applications on the Forex charts

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

First: the forms

In the eyes of Gann, the forms always reflect the study of patterns of price movement, for example, the trend is bullish when the price breaks the previous summits and is bearish when it breaks  previous Bottoms, and trader can to obtain this information from the movements of the market and the size of the move and the time of the move, this reflects the price (move , size, time, duration) which are associated with the form, in addition the trader can  draw these models from chart through his analysis of the forms and of well-known models .

Second: Price

In the eyes of Gann, the Price is the fluctuation of the targets on the chart, as well as the angles and the percentages of those points after the formation of the chart, the trader is the one who creates the price information that will be used to predict peaks and bottoms, For example: if the price moves of 100-150 points before formatting a summit later then predicting  would be of the bottom next to the price moves 100-15 point also, and vice versa if the price went down 100-150 points from the top, and then followed the summit again, trader can expect  the price to fall 100-150 points, and also if the market moves on the perceptions that the market is in this case balanced.

Third: Angels 

The use of geometric angles is very important part of the wonderful Gann tools and his ways, the market has always a form and main shape and the angels have a very important role in the formation of the design or basic shape, and Gann insisted to take specific patterns or specific sizes to each market (per stock or currency) to maintain that relationship, so he chose a price range, which was in agreement with the design or formula. It is based mainly on a 45 degree angle to divide important map of price and time zones. This angle is usually referred to as the corner "1X1", because it represents one unit of price with one unit of time. He also used other geometric angles commensurate with the price and time division. These angles defined 1X2 and 2X1 angles because it represents one unit of price with two units of time and two units of price with one unit of time, respectively.
And all of these angles are important because they indicate support and resistance. It also has predictive value for this trend in the future, and the activity and the direction of the price. All of which must be known to the expectations of the market that can be in the future.

Fourth: The points and percentage ratios correction

Alongside Gann angles, he offered also for trader levels moving with time, where the points are correct percentage in order to provide points of supports and resistances, which remains constant as long as the market is still in shortage price range, it is recognized that Gann has put ratios of correcting the rule, which states that the prices of most of the correct steps to 50%. Other divisions of 25% and 75%, with 50% of the level that occurs in most cases.
Gann believes that traders would be successful  if they used tools prices that determine those ratios such as drawing lines between points, angles and proportions of the patch to find support and resistance to the combination of the two (angles and proportions of the patch) providing to the trader secretary tool to determine supports and resistances  that must be worked out.
For example, while there is an uptrend and by angel 1X1 of the main bottom provides us with correct ratio of 50% area of ​​support and resistance on the chart, and that region is very strong and supplies trader with support and resistance point, which is very strong he used it to trade.  

Gann accustomed on the use of anniversaries as an important tool of his tools, and depends  through it on the historical periods that are important tops and bottoms market, and this information group affect the seasonality of the market because usually anniversaries recur in the future, for example: to anticipate tops and bottoms, where Gann started to study Price returning  to the twelfth century, referring not only to the price, but the memory of dates - a summit to summit, from top to bottom, bottom to bottom, and the bottom to the summit - and was the key factors in this thinking. This information is drawn from the very important research in the analysis, and these appointments give clear indications to the last of the market-driven approach: the cycles of time.

Cycles of time

As we mentioned before, Gann tried to build analysis tools that were in the exact design of the market. When he looked at the dates of the anniversary he saw a series of courses for a period of one year. In engineering terms, the cycle for a period of one year represents a circle of 360 degrees. Based on the geometric relationship of the market, Gann also considered dividing the year into four quarters to be important to the timing of those periods. These divisions are the quarterly cycle of 90 days, and the 180-day session, and the 270-day cycle. In use for a period of one year in the session and the distribution of this session on his department, you will find even now a number of these circles to the line (preferably three or more) at one point in time in the future. There is so far as the number of cycles until the line called time cluster. This time is the main group which is used to predict the tops and bottoms. Cycles of time is a large part of the analysis to be predicted by Gann for the future price, and should be accompanied by indicators of valid prices for determining market expectations.
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How to Learn Gann Method

Thursday, 5 June 2014

In order to know how to learn Gann method we should first know what was Gann interested in ?
So will talk about the interests of Gann

The most important figures are:
1 - the number 7 and its multiples, such as 14-49
Due to repeat mentioned in the holy books, and also for the study of some old Egyptian texts
which has proved the importance of this figure for them ...
2 - Number 9
Because it reflects the cycle of pregnancy in women and is also the latest odd number
, followed by even numbers
3 - the number 12 and its squared 144
Due to the presence of twelve astronomer towers as well as some religious stories that tell
For the twelve tribes of the tribes of people of Israel .
and also every one day has a 1440 minutes which 40% of the 360 ​​degree of the circle ...
4 - Circle
(Philosopher Plato fired on the circle name of perfect shape)
Gann also was interested in circled  because it is a geometric shape expresses the time for him as containing a 360-degree represents the number of days of the year and dividing the circle on 4 parts produces a quarter circle ,which Gann considered its right angle represents the four seasons of the year and every season has 90 days , and by dividing 360 days on 12 month we have the number 30 which represents the number of the months per year.
As well as Gann dividing the degrees of the circle on the nature figures to measure the time and result the following numbers:
360 – 270 – 180 – 120 – 90 – 72 – 45 – 36 – 27 – 18 – 9
5 - geometric shapes
Gann used in his analysis two geometric forms
A – the spiral shape for price
B - Circle of Time
The price moves up and down spirally
The cycle of time moves in a circular motion
Gann  reached to knowing that  the price reflects the direction of its movement when it joins with the spiral Price with time Circle.
Of Gann interests :
The anniversary:
Most traders gives certain reactions at the time of the anniversary of some Important events that have occurred in the markets "(Such as the anniversary of Black Monday in the U.S. markets)"
Time factor
So that everything is too early and has  his own timing. Through his research Gann found that time represents a major constraint on the movement of prices in any market and that there was a playoff dates should be taken into account during the study of the movement of prices in markets.
And from this we can deduce that the element of time answers many important questions, namely:
How long will continue to rise or drop in prices?
When to change direction?
In any period will reach the price to the level of what?

I hope you find good information to start the first step how to learn Gann method, our meeting in new subject.

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