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Toby Crabel

Wednesday, 31 July 2013
Toby Crabel is considered as a contemporary self –made millionaire commodities trader from United States. He holds the post of fund manager of Crabel Capital management, and he is called the most-known trader on the counter-trend side" by the Financial Times. Toby Crabel is ranked 101 of 196 funds on Absolute Return’s Survey of U.S. group in 2005 and with more than $1 billion AUM.
 A staff of some 80 people and 3.2 billion dollars is managed by Toby Crabel and whatever the weather since 1991 Toby Crabel has been a producer of consistent returns.

He has a book entitled Day Trading with Short-term Price Patterns, which he wrote it in 1990, you can find it in eBay for $4.000 a copy and it is sold in huge quantities. 

We can speak about of his great when he attempted to statistically test the efficacy of price patterns. Toby Crabel believed that additional printings of the text gave away too many of his value trading ideas so he did not pursued it.

Toby is always looking for evidence instead of looking to the chart formation whether it is bullish or bearish. So he started his research with very simple concepts of range and after those increasingly investigating complex patterns along over individuals and multiple days, 2 bars, 3 bars, 4 bars, etc.

Toby Crabel makes for himself toady a big professional name and he is today one of the best known for his treatment of narrow range and ORB patterns.

In 1975, while he was attending high school, Toby started trading in the markets and He is a professional tennis player for three years. Crabel published several blogs detailing various short-term price patterns for futures trading in the late 1980s. He was a student in Central Florida University and majored in Finance.
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A Quick Look about The Einstein Theory of Relativity

Wednesday, 17 July 2013
Relativity or the theory of the relativity includes particularly two theories of Albert Einstein, which are:
Special relativity
General relativity
Now we will talk about what concepts are introduced by relativity theories :
1.       Spacetime is the space and time , and they are in relation to each other. so time and space and dilate
2.       The light’s speed is nonetheless invariant.
3.       The velocities and Measurements of various quantities are in relation to each other.
The expression of this theory was based on relativity theory which Max Planck used it in 1906.
Scope :

Astronomy and physics Theoretical are transformed by the theory of relativity during the 20th century.
So the mechanical theory was created 200 years old by Isaac Newton and then it is superseded by the relativity theory.
An essential depth was added to the science of elementary particles and the fundamental interaction of them by the relativity theory.
And the extraordinary astronomical phenomena like black holes, neutron stars , and gravitational waves were predicated by the astrophysics and cosmology.

On the theory of relativity :
Einstein stated the elements comprise his theory are based on empirical discovery and not on hypothesis, because this theory employs an analytic way.
There are connection between the general theory of relativity and the special one because the special theory applies to all physical phenomena without the gravity but the general one of relativity provide something new which is the law of gravity and the relation between it and other forces of nature.

I hope you find important information in this article about the relativity theory of Einstein , and a lot of you wonder why we speak about him and his theory and what his relation with our site which we talk 
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The life of Albert Einstein

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Albert was born in the German city of Ulm in 1879 and spent youth age in Munich. His father was "Herman Einstein's" works in the sale of feathers used in the manufacture of pillows; His mother worked "Ni Pauline Koch" with him in the management of a small workshop for the manufacture of electrical appliances after abandoning his career selling feathers. Baby Einstein delayed in pronunciation even three years old.
But he showed great passion for nature and the ability to understand difficult mathematical concepts, he has been studied alone Euclidean geometry, In spite of belonging to Judaism, Einstein has entered a Catholic junior high school and received lessons in playing the violin. In the five-year-old father gave him a compass.
Einstein then has realized that there is strength in the space affects the compass needle and makes it moves.
He was suffering from difficulty in comprehension; it was probably due to a shy in his childhood.
It has rumored that Einstein child has failed in mathematics later, however, unlikely that the amendment in the evaluation scores of pupils at the time that the child is raised Einstein had been delayed and failed in mathematics.
And two uncles built Einstein care and support of this child attention to science in general supporting him with the books related to science and mathematics.
After losses workshop had repeated, which was established by his parents in 1894, his family moved to the city of Milan in Italy.
Einstein the son used the opportunity to withdraw from school in Munich where hatred strict regime and stifling Spirit.
Einstein later spent a year with his parents in the city of Milan to show that he has to determine the way in life, ending his high school in the Swiss city of Arua, And advanced  after that to Swiss Federal Institute of Technology exams in Zurich in 1895, Einstein has been loved teaching methods in it, and was often cut  of his time to studying physics alone, or to play the his violin, so in the end he  passed the exams and graduated in 1900, but the teachers did not nominate him to enter university .

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