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Important Recognitions for W.D. Gann and his Nine Squares theory

Thursday, 30 May 2013

His theory of the nine squares which examine the relationship in time price movement in the money market.
Gann’s tale began almost since 1909 when he was studying economics and modern science in his day and he said about his experience as follows:
"In the past ten years I have devoted all the time and attention of trading in the markets. Like many others, and I have lost thousands of dollars and witnessed the rise and fall of a normal and sometimes violent as if I were from beginners to enter the market and without the knowledge of this preparatory command"
"Soon, I began to realize that the success of a man, whether a lawyer or a doctor or a scientist is devoting time up to years of study and investigation and experimentation in his career before trying to make any money, including"
"I thank God that I had the opportunity to follow the brokers and traders complemented have not had a normal human being and the study of the causes of the failure and success of others traders. And I found that more than ninety percent of the traders who go to the market without the knowledge or study usually lose in the end"
"And soon I began observing session iterative process rise and fall of stocks and commodities, and led me to the conclusion that the law is the real basis of the market movement, and then decided to devote 10 years of my life in the study of the natural laws of logical trading in the markets, and make predictions in a manner convenient and simple"
"After extensive research and study the scientific facts are known, I discovered that the law of vibration enabled me to accurately determine where stocks and commodities rise then fall through a complex period of time"
Here it ends with the date of this genius after he explained his idea to his friends about the relationship between theory vibrato price movements over time
This explanation was incomplete largely closest friends has said Mr. John Daniel:
"We have secure Gann’s theory before reaching her almost nine months, and we misled with him in his office in New York Astor throughout this period watching his works wonderment"
"He was when Colonel Gold Ware resorted to him in order to buy shares of cotton, Gann draw four lines cross and the same longitudinal (nine boxes) on cotton prices for a period of 3 years ago and eventually gives Colonel paper prices by buying at and prices that sells then and the prices at which it away from them, and we were stunned by the accuracy of its findings when they occur”
"Gann did not slack much to explain to us his unique way and that he had told us before he died shortly it has lost some of its strength as a result of people in the intervention price for their personal interests"
"After his death, we found his drawings are all in one orbit, which is a draw lines transverse and longitudinal created nine boxes on a paper prices (chart) and are areas of resistance and subsidies that do not deviate in price"
"We will never know what Gann meant that we have come a long way in what he was thinking and developing."
There is a German guy said that he said a memo of a Gann Theory
But he also did not explain what it means and what we can deduce
Though it is said subsidies and resistors for the price
For the way painted only the words of this young man is to divide chart for 200 days (candle) into 3 equal sections, and the division of the price in the same chart into 3 equal sections as well as to give you nine boxes on the chart and repeatability calculated chronologically each square head, either squares horizontal is calculated as lines stop Price (resistance and support)
It is set in most of the references for the theory of the nine squares
The truth and you know that everything about the Gann world found nothing but information only yes and found forms and found programs but foremost we would like to know the idea.
By searching among the lines we may find information leads us to it information from another topic other Structural considered, but we'll get to the equation and I am sure of it
Now we will take away the German student into consideration and the words of the cotton trader is also here and through the forms and data tables will move and now apply to We tiger Ba first stages of scientific research which gather information the rest of the order of prices and conclusion
Shi was discovered; it required that we did not find him something that does not disadvantage the study
I remember all through studies which I applied  like Eason when they asked him what the benefit of 300 failed experiment, and he  said that I knew that there are 300 known method cannot ignite the lamp
Let us take the bright portion that was just a structural thread
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The Most Important Things and Figures for W.D. Gann

Monday, 27 May 2013
Here we will talk about the most important tools and figures William Delbert Gann used in analytical philosophy:
Gann was genius in mathematics and science who adores numbers and its sequences.
And some of the natural numbers and its multiples or divisions occupied important milestone in his analyze according for several reasons, including religious, historical, spiritual and psychological.
The most important figures are: 
1 - The number 7 and its multiples, such as 14 - 49
Due to repeat mentioned in the scriptures and also to study some of the ancient Egyptian texts that proved to it the importance of this figure for them...
2 - Number 9
Because it reflects the cycle of pregnancy among women and also is the last odd-numbered in the count, followed by the numbers of bi...
3 - Number 12 and quadrature output 144
Due to the presence of an astronomical twelve towers in addition to some religious stories that tells the story of the twelve tribes of Israel people…
And also per day has 1440 minutes a proportion of 40% of the 360 degree circle...
4 - Circle
(Plato opened on Circle the name of the perfect shape)
Gann was interested in the circle because it is geometric shape and it expresses the time for him as containing 360 degrees represents the number of days of the year and dividing the circle 4 produces a quarter circle its angles , so Gann considered it the four seasons of the year and each separated by 90 days ..
He also divided 360 by 12 and produced by 30, which represents the number of days a month and 12 months in one year...
As well as he divided the degrees of the circle on the natural figures to measure the time and resulted in the following numbers:   360, 270, 180, 120, 90, 72, 45, 36, 27, 18, and 9
5 - Geometric shapes
Gann used in his analysis two geometric shapes
A- The spiral shape for the price              B - the circle of time
Price always moves up and down in the spiral shape, and the time cycle moves in circularly shape
Gann concluded that the price reflects the direction of movement when joined Price helix with circle time...
Gann’s concerns:
Most of traders took out certain reactions at the time of the anniversary of some important events that have occurred in the markets "(Such as the anniversary of Black Monday in the American Market)"
The factor of time
So that everything has a premature and its timing. Through his researches Gann concluded that the time is a major constraint on the movement of prices in any market and that there was a comma dates should be taken into consideration during the study of the movement of prices in the markets.
And from this we can deduce that the time element answers many important questions, namely:
- How long will rise or fall of prices?
- When will change direction?
- In any period will reach the price to what level?

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Scientific and practical life of William Delbert Gann

Monday, 27 May 2013
In addition to some programs that use the methods and techniques Jean...
In this subject will learn the accounts are used about time and methods used by the
U.S. analyst William Dilbert Jean William D Gann
He was always earning in the most cases of market loss and volatility, To the extent that he made a fortune estimated at $ 50 million as a result of dealings in securities and goods markets.
his Winner operations have exceeded 85% of total transactions concluded by investment in different markets over the long years he was also one of the few who predicted the collapse of prices and severe the  economic catastrophe in 1929...
His studies and analyzes depended on the time and not the price, and he always says, "When the time comes change price"
He also said, "The time is more important than price"
Gann did not focus all the attention on price targets as much as he focused on the areas of change direction regardless of the price, and then began looking to get into the price.
The problem is:
Most people believe that this man was dependent on a very special mathematical method by no one else knows and that he did not tell his secret to any one at all, and is surrounded by halos of mystery
All that said it was used
Time + Price to enter the market
It was manufactured boxes like magical squares shapes and strange incantations
According to our knowledge:
Those Gann analytical methods do not rely on special laws on their own, such as Elliott
Gann did not invent the theory and knock its laws
He employed theories and tools found from ancient times, and used in the trade market and linked with data
Therefore some may believe that his ways committees are confidential.

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W.D. Gann Personal Life

Monday, 27 May 2013

In this article we will learn and talk about the personal life of the U.S. analyst William Dilbert Jean, who is considered the first analyst concerned with the time factor and its impact on market trends and the psyches of traders. In addition to some programs that use the methods and techniques Jean ... (1878 - 1955)
His famous quote: "When you know how to use time with price then you know how to trade".
Gann was born in July 6, 1878 on a farm is far about 7 miles from Lufkin County, Texas.
He was the eldest son of 11 brothers, and He lived in a very small house and his family was poor,
He cut a day 7 miles walking to school in Lufkin.
His father was a farmer and grew cotton in City Angelina, His father wants to work with him, but he refused because he wanted to be a businessman.
And when his father grew up he had to be working on the farm with his father because he is the eldest son and responsible, like his father.
And William came out of school was not achieved his dream of joining the university and then sees his future, so worked on the farm for years began to feel seriously work and think again in the future.
After years of working on the farm William went to work in the office of brokerage and joined again in the Commerce school at night, so he worked in the morning and learns at night
William moved to New York City in 1903 and he was a 25-year-old
Valuable in 1908 William married Jean Sarah Hanfai and sired two daughters, Nora and a child named John
And he began to trade stocks and shares even, grew up in a trade and then opened a private brokerage firm, and then moved to Miami and he finished his business and his writings and discoveries, until he died on 14 June 1955 at the age of 77 years where he was having a heart attack in addition to stomach cancer.
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William Delbert Gann Biography

Sunday, 26 May 2013
He is well-known for developing the technical analysis tools and which is called Gann angles, Square of 9, Hexagon, and Circle of, 360 and from another side William Delbert is considered Finance trader, he was born in June 6, 1878 and died in June 18, 1955 he had lived for 77 years, in which he presented to the world many value works.
His way in prediction of the market depends on geometry, astrology, astronomy, and ancient mathematics.
Gann is also a writer who wrote a lot of books which speaks about trading, and the point of views are separated and distinguished between the relevance and value of Gann’s work.
William Gann’s father was a cotton farmer and William was born in Lufkin, Texas. His first trading was in 1992 when he was 24 years old.
William is a religious man who trusted in scientific values of Bible as the greatest religious book ever written.
We can discover that he a religious man through his books which show that in repeatedly way, in the same time occupied 32nd as freemason in the Scottish rite order, according to his known of ancient mathematics through his studies of ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures. 
Gann described the application of angles inside the stock market in The Basis of My Forecasting Method (1935). Calculating a Gann angle is the same as finding the derivative of any particular line using a chart in a very simple way. Each geometrical angle (which can be really a line extended into space) divides a serious amounts of price into proportionate parts. The most important angle Gann referred to as the 1x1 or perhaps the 45° angle, that he said represented one unit of price for starters unit of energy. If you draw an excellent square after which draw a diagonal line derived from one of corner from the square towards the other, you could have illustrated the concept from the1x1 angle, which moves up some point per day.
There has become a general disagreement whether he made profits by speculation himself. However, his famous Ticker Interview implies that his claim that they can profits was as real as his documented forecasts.

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