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Linking the square of nine with the price

Friday, 21 February 2014

We know that the prices in the currency trade is divided into two sections the first one is the numbers consisting of integer and four digits after the decimal point or four digits after only the decimal point and the second section is the numbers of two-digit integers and two digits after the decimal point or three integers and two digits after the decimal point and to link these kinds of numbers with nine square must be a whole number and not more than four numbers so it must be modified. 

It is adjusted in this manner , it must first delete the decimal point to become valid number example of this number 1.2345 delete the decimal point to become 12345 Second you must delete the number to become valid number consisting of four digits and this deletion is not random but is based on time in the sense that if we are trading the five-minute chart, the most important numbers for us is the fifth number, fourth and sometimes third , Either if we trade on the day frame, the most important numbers for us are the third and second, even if we trade to on the week frame  the important numbers for us are the first number and the second number , so one of the five figures is deleted basing on the time period in which we trade them as follows:
If we trade on the five-minute time frame the first number is deleted such as 12345 and after deletion becomes 2345.
If we trade on the four hours Frame to a week Frame fifth number is deleted such as 12345 after deletion becomes 1234.
After that we adjust numbers price as the former, where is determined by cycles of price and here the difference is because Gann was determining price cycles by selecting the starting price per share and this in Forex Trading is very difficult but it is possible to bring the beginning of the cycle or the end of cycle through determining the price of a historic summit or determine the price of the bottom of the historical and after getting on the top or bottom price and any corner of the circle is determined by the price.
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Linking the square of Nine with Time

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The idea is based that the currencies have cycles start from a point and ending at a point like the circuit and then another cycle starts, and for linking time cycles of currencies and the circle we must determine the unit of measurement of the time that we will work with it, time in Forex trading starts from the minute and ends in a year, so we will take a day as a preliminary measure unit.
By simple equation of division of 360 degrees on 24 hours (a number of hours per day) is equal to 15 degrees from Full Circle and the division of 15 degrees on 60 minutes which is the number of minutes per hour the result is 0.25 that means every minute is equal to a quarter of a degree of Full Circle.
But this measure is incompatible with the chart month or week, so we will take another unit of measurement which is a year and divide the 360 degrees on 12 months the number of months per year output is 30 degrees from Full Circle and divide the 360 degrees on 52, a number of weeks of the year almost be output 6.9230 or 7 degrees in the sense that almost every week moving 6.9230 degree from full Circle.
Hence, we conclude that there are daily cycles and annual cycles and all of them have use,  in daily cycles we can measure in the frame of the four-hour, hour and half-hour and quarter-hour to the minute the annual cycle could be measuring it in a frame higher than four hours and can be divided into two sessions as follows: 

Daily cycle and the annual session
Minute = 0.25 "Week = 6.9230"
5 minutes = 1.25 "month = 30"
15 minutes = 3.75 "Year = 360"
30 minutes = 7.5”
60 minutes = 15”
240 minutes (four hours) = 60”
1440 minutes (today) = 360”
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Gann square of nine

Monday, 10 February 2014

From the basics adopted by William Gann is a Square of Nine, which is a numbers arranged around each as spiral arrangement begins with a number 1 followed to the left 2 and arrange numbers then spiral in a clockwise direction until the number 9, which ends its first circle and then start numbers in the second circle of 10 to 25 and the third circle of 26 to 49 and so on to infinity.

As it is observed that the box is divided into 8 sections in the form of a circle and each section a 45 degree angle and numbers which pass the mid-constituent form (+) are called the base numbers and numbers constituent form (×) called Angle numbers.
In the first circuit consisting of 2 to 9, we find that there is only one number which is the one that separates every angle 45 "while in the second circle, composed of 10 to 25, we find that there are two numbers separate between each corner 45" while in the third circle, we find that there 3 numbers that separate each angle between 45 "and so on all the circuits.
Considering the shape of Gann square, we find that there are three circles or rings decree passing through squares of circle numbers or the initial ring which its diameter decree from square  316 to square 352 vertical and note that the quarter No. 352 is located just 8 squares left from the number 360, a figure of Full Circle diameter, which make Gann draws a first circle at this level, the circuit or the second ring, which its diameter decree of quarter 664 to quarter 716 vertical and note that the square No. 716 is located 4 squares left from the number 720, which multiplied by 360 × 2 For this reason, Gann drawing second Circuit in this place.
Circle or third ring which represents the daily calendar, which starts from March 21 and are going in a clockwise direction, which is also the diameter equal to multiplied by 360 × 3.
If we look at the square No. 4 and follow it to left angle of 45 "we find that the numbers that follow are 4, 16, 36, 64, 100 and 144 which are matrimonial numbers if we got on the of the number gives us 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12, which was even numbers ranked Sort spiral in the first circuit and the same pattern will be found in the corner bearing single digits such as angle number one if we follow it to the right you will find the numbers 9, 25, 48, 81, 121 and 169, and if we got on the of the number we find 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 and 13 which figures ranked spiral arrangement.

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Forex MetaTrader

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Words we hear it so much: Meta Trader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT4, MT5, Metatreder, all of which go back to the trading platform famous MetaTrader and developed by Russian software company MetaQuotes, this platform has achieved widespread success as a strong currency program, which saw admission of several brokers to buy them and display it as additional trading platform or essential to have, but let’s know some of the disadvantages of MetaTrader and some positives, but we start by the disadvantages:
Disadvantages of trading via the MetaTrader:
·         The difficulties in implementing the instant deal: as one of the drawbacks of MetaTrader is the lack of success of the trader of the implementation of his deal with immediate effect, as the trader presses buy EUR / USD for example so program gives that the price has not been implemented or that the spread has changed and therefore can execute the deal at the new price or spread on the new one.
·         One of the other negatives of MetaTrader 4 which is the lack of a frame of sufficient time to chart where there are only 9 frames of time starting from monthly frame, then weekly, then daily, then 4 hours and hours (and this is a big difference) as frame jumps from daily to four hours and 4 hours to an hour, ignoring important as a frame time of 10 hours and 8 hours and 6 hours and 3 hours and two hours, and this is what he had to treat it MetaTrader 5 where it added most of the time frames that were lacking in MetaTrader 4.
·         Problem servers: the Meta Trader servers especially for broadcast and showing their icons bottom of the chart, and according to these servers in broadcasting price, and servers differ from one broker to another, but some brokers have emerged problem in servers in the platform MetaTrader, and we cannot limit the problem here platform MetaTrader, but it may be cause of weakness or defect in the surfer Forex company (Broker).

MetaTrader advantages:

·         Chart of the best daily technical analysis, with its many characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the charts in the market.
·         Includes a wide range of technical indicators.
·         Possibility of templates with quality and high accuracy.
·         Automated trading applications.

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