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Gann Wheel

Friday, 10 January 2014

W. D. Gann stipulated that numbers and angles are related with tops and bottoms of the financial market.
In this article we will talk about Gann Wheel and what it is to help us to know something about one of secrets of Forex… it is not secret in its literary meaning but any trader in the field of Forex trading should know something about Gann and his tool in predicting, analyzing, and trading through Forex.
Wheel within Wheel as W. D. Gann called it sometimes, so we consider Gann Wheel as an analysis technique of the market.
The definition of Gann wheel is a circular numerical chart, this wheel start from the center with 1 to complete one cycle by filling up 24 parts of the circle with 24 incremental numbers in a fashion of anticlockwise.

The number goes up to 360, by widening the process up to 15 circles. So you say what is the benefit of this in Forex market? I will answer that the market support and resistance level as well as market reversal days are predicted by using this chart. So when you use it you can predict the market reversal days in addition and more important thing is that you can know the market support and resistance levels.
Inside the circle, the square is formed, and we have inner circle and inner square, as well as outer square and outer circle in which the Fourth Dimension is working out price movements are proved.
So far, we have covered the inner square (low coordinate and historic high on the square itself), and the inner circle (the earth’s Orbit around the sun).
All the planets and the Zodiac are included in the outer circle, and it is starting on March 21st at the lift side of the square. So all 12 Zodiac symbols around the wheel will be placed by moving from that point clockwise in 30 degree parts of the circle.
The Gann student will be able to examine planetary longitude relationships to coordinate of price on the square of 9 and complete the outer circle, and the square of 9 will be now an outer square.
So by these way planetary positions to prices relating to coordinate on the square of 9 and also to degrees of a circle can be converted. Hard aspects to both square of 9 and Zodiac longitude can be also examined.
As Gann told us that the dates when stocks are first traded in stock exchange and the dates when companies are incorporated causes them to make bottoms and at slightly different dates which are for seasonal changes.
Every stock and commodity in the market moves in its own sphere of activities through the law of vibration as Gann said. So the own rate of vibration of stocks and commodity characterizes the essential qualities of its evolution.
They are (commodity and stocks) like atoms, which are the center of energies, and they are controlled automatically. Stocks and commodity create their own field of power and action, through power they attract and repel, so we can notice well why certain commodities and stocks at times lead the market and at other times they turn dead. Vibration is universal and fundamental because nothing is exempt from its law and it is considered applicable to every class of phenomena on the globe.

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