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How to Learn Gann Method

Thursday, 5 June 2014

In order to know how to learn Gann method we should first know what was Gann interested in ?
So will talk about the interests of Gann

The most important figures are:
1 - the number 7 and its multiples, such as 14-49
Due to repeat mentioned in the holy books, and also for the study of some old Egyptian texts
which has proved the importance of this figure for them ...
2 - Number 9
Because it reflects the cycle of pregnancy in women and is also the latest odd number
, followed by even numbers
3 - the number 12 and its squared 144
Due to the presence of twelve astronomer towers as well as some religious stories that tell
For the twelve tribes of the tribes of people of Israel .
and also every one day has a 1440 minutes which 40% of the 360 ​​degree of the circle ...
4 - Circle
(Philosopher Plato fired on the circle name of perfect shape)
Gann also was interested in circled  because it is a geometric shape expresses the time for him as containing a 360-degree represents the number of days of the year and dividing the circle on 4 parts produces a quarter circle ,which Gann considered its right angle represents the four seasons of the year and every season has 90 days , and by dividing 360 days on 12 month we have the number 30 which represents the number of the months per year.
As well as Gann dividing the degrees of the circle on the nature figures to measure the time and result the following numbers:
360 – 270 – 180 – 120 – 90 – 72 – 45 – 36 – 27 – 18 – 9
5 - geometric shapes
Gann used in his analysis two geometric forms
A – the spiral shape for price
B - Circle of Time
The price moves up and down spirally
The cycle of time moves in a circular motion
Gann  reached to knowing that  the price reflects the direction of its movement when it joins with the spiral Price with time Circle.
Of Gann interests :
The anniversary:
Most traders gives certain reactions at the time of the anniversary of some Important events that have occurred in the markets "(Such as the anniversary of Black Monday in the U.S. markets)"
Time factor
So that everything is too early and has  his own timing. Through his research Gann found that time represents a major constraint on the movement of prices in any market and that there was a playoff dates should be taken into account during the study of the movement of prices in markets.
And from this we can deduce that the element of time answers many important questions, namely:
How long will continue to rise or drop in prices?
When to change direction?
In any period will reach the price to the level of what?

I hope you find good information to start the first step how to learn Gann method, our meeting in new subject.

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