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William Gann Indicators

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

William D. Gann is considered the better between who put the development of theories and ideas distinctive to study the expected price movements in the financial markets.
William Gann lived between 1878-1955 and amassed a fortune of over $ 50 million through his transactions  in the financial markets , he is one of the few who predicted the collapse of prices strong in 1929 and the occurrence of the disaster as seen in the financial markets.
I think that time is the most important factor in the trading process, there is a certain time windows can be calculated and pre-defined and considered points of time to make trading decisions.
Gann has a strategy and a way known only by Gann himself ... It was a secret no one knows even the people closest to him, his wife and his children.
There are many attempts to discover the Gann way and Gann angles... and find out his theory and his squares .. But we say it still attempts so far have not solve  Gann puzzle.
Now we come to indicator recommendations Jean ... It is based on the opening day candle and figures corners.

Beginning we will take a look on the next chart cursor below:

Explain the indicator:
The index is developing a recommendation with the opening of the new day candle
Index identifies the first entry and cooling zone
Identifies the first goal, II and Stop the .. As shown in the chart.
The index is also developing certain angles which figures especially Jean angles and build upon recommendation has been placed.
Green lines represent goals
Red line represents Stop lose
Index identifies the first goal and the second
I hope that you find good information in this article in which explain Superficially about Gann Indicators.
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Larry R. Williams

Saturday, 10 August 2013

He is an American commodity trader was born in october6, 1942 from the state of Montana, and he is considered also author according to his books in the field of Forex market. Larry Williams is the father of the American famous actor Michelle Williams.
Larry has graduated from Billings Sr. High, in Montana in 1960, his mother is Sylva bertha and his father is Richard Sigwart Williams. In 1964 he graduated from the School of Journalism.
He wrote eleven books, most of them in the field of commodity trading and stocks. He wrote also other book based on the Mount Sinai Myth in the archeological search. And Confessions of a Radical Tax Protestor was his current book in which Larry led to a trial on three charges of tax evasion.
In the field of Forex and commodity trading he created a big number of market indicators such as William %R, COT indices, Ultimate Oscillator, Cycle forecasts.
In 1987 he got from the Robbins Trading Company the world cup championship of futures trading.
From his famous works during his life was when he won and turned $10.000 into $1.100.000 during 12 month with real money.
How I Made a Million Dollars Trading Commodities was from his best books which was the all-time bestselling commodity book.
He lost twice in nomination for his running for the United States Senate in his home in Montana State. The name of his website is where he put a number of trading strategies based on patterns which considered one of the most popular ones in the world.
The name of his books list below:
                    The Secret of Selecting Stocks
                    How I Made $1,000,000 Trading Commodities
                    How Seasonal Factors Influence Commodity Prices
                    How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years
                    The Definitive Guide to Trading Commodities, volume 1
                    The Definitive Guide to Trading Commodities, volume 2
                    Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading
                    Day Trading on Line
                    The Right Stock at the Right Time
                    The Mount Sinai Myth
                    Trading with the Insiders

                    Confessions of a Radical Tax Protestor

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