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Gann square of nine

Monday, 10 February 2014

From the basics adopted by William Gann is a Square of Nine, which is a numbers arranged around each as spiral arrangement begins with a number 1 followed to the left 2 and arrange numbers then spiral in a clockwise direction until the number 9, which ends its first circle and then start numbers in the second circle of 10 to 25 and the third circle of 26 to 49 and so on to infinity.

As it is observed that the box is divided into 8 sections in the form of a circle and each section a 45 degree angle and numbers which pass the mid-constituent form (+) are called the base numbers and numbers constituent form (×) called Angle numbers.
In the first circuit consisting of 2 to 9, we find that there is only one number which is the one that separates every angle 45 "while in the second circle, composed of 10 to 25, we find that there are two numbers separate between each corner 45" while in the third circle, we find that there 3 numbers that separate each angle between 45 "and so on all the circuits.
Considering the shape of Gann square, we find that there are three circles or rings decree passing through squares of circle numbers or the initial ring which its diameter decree from square  316 to square 352 vertical and note that the quarter No. 352 is located just 8 squares left from the number 360, a figure of Full Circle diameter, which make Gann draws a first circle at this level, the circuit or the second ring, which its diameter decree of quarter 664 to quarter 716 vertical and note that the square No. 716 is located 4 squares left from the number 720, which multiplied by 360 × 2 For this reason, Gann drawing second Circuit in this place.
Circle or third ring which represents the daily calendar, which starts from March 21 and are going in a clockwise direction, which is also the diameter equal to multiplied by 360 × 3.
If we look at the square No. 4 and follow it to left angle of 45 "we find that the numbers that follow are 4, 16, 36, 64, 100 and 144 which are matrimonial numbers if we got on the of the number gives us 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12, which was even numbers ranked Sort spiral in the first circuit and the same pattern will be found in the corner bearing single digits such as angle number one if we follow it to the right you will find the numbers 9, 25, 48, 81, 121 and 169, and if we got on the of the number we find 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 and 13 which figures ranked spiral arrangement.

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