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A glimpse of the scientific and practical life of Gann

Friday, 11 April 2014

He was always earning in the most cases of loss and the fluctuation of the market to the point that he made ​​a fortune estimated at $ 50 million as a result of his dealings in the securities and commodities markets and goods.

And his profitable operations had exceeded 85% of the total investment transactions concluded by the different markets for many years, he was also one of the few who predicted the collapse of prices and severe catastrophe in 1929 ... his economic studies and analyzes was based on the time and not on Price.

He always says, "When it is the time the price is going to change," and he also said "the time is more important than price," Gann did not focus all the attention on the goals of price as much as he focused on the areas of change direction regardless of the price and then began looking to reach the price.

Most people believe that this man was dependent on the calculation method is very special by the other one does not know and he did not tell his secret to any one at all, and surrounded by halos of mystery.

All that was said that he has been used time + Price to enter the market
Time & price
He was making boxes shapes like squares and strange magical incantations.

According to our knowledge:
Gann analytical methods do not rely on their own special laws such as Elliott Gann did not invent the theory, putting her laws, it is employed theories and tools found from ancient times and used in commerce and linked to the data of the market and that some people may believe that Gann has secret methods.

Here we will talk about the most important tools and figures he used in his analytical philosophy:
Gann was an avid in mathematics science and loves numbers and sequences. And some of the natural numbers and their multiples or dividing occupied important milestone in the analysis. This is for several reasons, including religious, historical, spiritual and psychological.

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William Gann Life Story

Thursday, 3 April 2014

William Gann was born in July 6 , 1878 in a farm about 7 miles from Lufkin, Texas, he was the eldest son of 11 brothers have lived in a too small house and his family was poor, he cut every day 7-mile walk to reach the school in Lufkin, his father was a cotton farmer in Angelina county , His father wanted him to work with him but he refused because he wanted to become a businessman and when his father became older and he had to be with his father  and working on the farm with his father because he is the eldest son and the officer, like his father and William left school , his dream did not materialize of joining the university and then sees his future and his work on the farm for a period of years began to feel seriously to work and think again in the future.

After years of working on the farm William went to work in an office broker and joined again in the School to teach trade in the night, so he works in the morning and learns night , then William moved to New York City in 1903 and had a 25-year-old .

In 1908 William Gann married of Rena May Smith and sired two daughters Maice and Nora and son was born and named John .

And William Gann began to trade stocks and contracts widening in commerce and then opened a private brokerage firm, and then moved to Miami and he finished his business, and his writings and discoveries until he died in June 14, 1955 at the age of 77 years where he was having a heart attack as well as stomach cancer.
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