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Practical Gann applications on the Forex Charts

Saturday, 27 September 2014

First: models
According to Gann, models always reflect the study of patterns of price movement , For example the trend is bullish when price penetrates the summits and will be bearish when it broke bottoms , so trader can get this information from the movements of the market and the size of its movements and time of the move, this reflects the price (move, size, time, duration) which are associated with the pattern, in addition to that trader can  draw these patterns
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Advices from William Gann in Forex Trading

Monday, 15 September 2014

Forex trader in any Forex company have to study this trade in general, and to know the principles and the basics of forex trading before he opens a real account with some forex companies. In order to be a successful trader with any Forex company you must have sufficient risk capital, you are able to loss it (or parts thereof) so it will not destroy your moral soul completely.
Luck is the most famous and common myths among beginner through thinking or believing  that the movement in the market is random, and anyone can trade at random, and being patient on his deal to win. People who believe that
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