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Gann Angles - a Unique and Effective Tool to Achieve Gains from Trade

Tuesday, 25 June 2013
William Dilbert Gann has developed a technical trading systems enabled him to achieve wealth exceeded fifty million dollars.
Gann was a legend in the world of trade and its place shows in life-size portrait of people see when entering the New York Stock Exchange.
Gann angles were one of the most effective tools so let's take a look at it and how it works?
Gann angles allow you to specify points or entry or exit levels thus enhancing the chances of achieving profits.
Let's take a look at how work of Gann angles.
Gann was adopted in his investment strategy on the fact that studying the past we can see the models that can be repeated in the future which is now evident in all technical regulations, but his vision was unique singled out how the emergence of these patterns
Gann methods adopted on the following:
1. Price, time and range of motion are the only factors related to market movements.
2. Markets is a natural cycles
3. Price movements done in a geometric manner, whether in design or function.
Gann-security market movements are not only a reflection of human nature, which remain constant over time, and then he studied the past we can predict the future.
The use of angles committees
Gann-three models used to predict the behavior of future price
1. Study of the price - and using support and resistance lines, pivot points and angles.
2. Study time - and given the dates that are repeated historically derived from the natural order that security committees in control in the movements of the market.
3. Study patterns - by examining trends and reflective models.
Using Gann angles required practice and experience and we will try below determine the basic things that any user must to Jean angles that puts them in mind.
First, determine the time units.
This method in determining the time units used in the study of graphs and consider the periods in which price movements appear strong.
Place the corners of the test and see how their performance.
Intermediate period of time (1-3 months) tend to produce the largest amount of models minute as longer time frame in which it is trading.
Second, trader needs to determine the shape of the top and bottom lines that will draw it using Gann lines.
Here you can use Fibonacci levels or pivot points to help draw an accurate picture. Gann then started looking at the "vibrations" or "hops-price"
Finally, you'll need to know what the model that you will use is:
The most common patterns is 1 x 1 and 1 x 2 and 2X, which differ among themselves clearly in decline line.
1 × 2 is half the decline in the 1 × 1.
Numbers simply refers to the number of units and the decline of the line.
Traders need to look at patterns of trade.
Gradient either direction will be down and on the right of the point of the summit or to the top and on the right if the bottom point.
Always look for repetitive patterns on the chart.
Gann theories rely on the idea of rotating in the nature of the market movement, and thus the greater the degree of ease of model observed greater the degree of probability of its ability to trade profitably.
Use Gann angles in profits in trade
Gann angles are a great performance to predict support and resistance levels.
Of course, there are a lot of methods of trading that uses support lines and risk Nonetheless, the angles committees have given a new dimension to it simply be tilted.
The best forms committees
Will indicate the balance between time and price.
This will happen when prices move in the form of a compromise with the times.
This will be located when the angle of committees that are being studied completely tilted by 45 degrees.
In total there are nine different angles committees can be applied.
While one is broken lines, the next corner will determine the area of support or resistance.
Gann-angles are not only one of the tools used to achieve wealth of trade, in addition to other tools such as the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers- when all these elements are blending will have a trading method proven effective. Since the markets characterized patrol and affected human nature never change the ways of committees to remain in place until today and are used by many shrewd traders.
Gann made a fortune from Jean angles, and using the tools mentioned above, you can study ways more deeply to see if it will help you in trading.

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