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Strategy of Gann angles

Thursday, 21 August 2014

First, before explaining the strategy of Gann angles we should know about maker this strategy Gann , this man is one of the most important traders in the world of the forex market because he made a lot of strategies and these strategies won so much attention and success for most traders who work in the forex market and strategic angles Gann is one of the successful strategies to him , it  provide to you success without any effort, it is simple and can be operated by anyone who is in the field of forex, whether a beginner or a professional or even an expert and everyone knows that Gann used angles in his trading through nine square linked with the process of time, and you may have read a lot about this method and technique, but I have not grasped the link of the time with the process of trading ,in other words, that we set a time which will arrive by the price to the designated point.

How does it work strategy of Gann angles?

And generally the thing that I have concluded  , is to link the price movement with known "Gann" angles and these angles are 45, 12.5 ,63 , 90 , 112 and the basis on which Gann depending upon the movement of the price and linking it  with the angle  45 and also the selection of goals based on the process deviation above and below the angle 45 and we found that the price is based on number of couples and especially couples basic and generally the strange thing too that after consideration of the process of the daily closing of any pair that was less than the closing of the previous day and that the process of reversion will not beyond angle of 45 and also that the process of entry will be of the side  of the angle 12.5 when  deviation  of the pair to the top and if it broke ,the process changed direction to the occurrence of the process of uprising strongly and thus the process of cessation is the value of the angle 45.

An example of a strategic angles Jean:

The pair "euro / dollar" closed in day 15-4-2010 and this closure was at the point of 1.3570 and also the closure process was less points  on 14-10-2010 and here was the value of angle of 45 at the support = 1.3512 and also resistance = at 1.3628 , here the value of the angle of 12.5 resistance = 1.3586 and then the process of entering is sale target 1.3522 and is 20 points above the support angle 45 which value = 1.3512, and the pair here, the process of landing and achieved the goal and traders must that they will try strategy of Gann angles much on the demo account before the experiment on their account even know the real weaknesses and strengths, and their conclusion that such a strategy will give you daily points that not more than one hundred points and not less than 40 points once and for all.

Thus, any strategy needed learning and good training to ascertain working on it to suit the circumstances of your business and your capital and your goals.

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